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What is Tantra

Unique Tantra offers guidance for individuals and couples who bravely wish to journey into their deepest core of being. It is here within our purest essence, that we will be completely free to experience our natural state of divine bliss and integrated oneness. Unique Tantra is the holistic way of life, linking body, mind and spirit into living life as a whole. Polarities of good and evil, pure and impure, matter and spirit are done away with as unnecessary barriers to a direct experience of life. With great finesse, we uses material reality for spiritual unfoldment. According to Tantra, everything is perfect as it is; the limitations that exist are within the mind. It is said in the Tripurarahasya: "Though in reality there is no bondage, the individual is in bondage as long as there exists the feeling of limitation."


"My deepest longing is that every single woman and every single man may access the divine capacity of oneness through lovemaking, to experience the union of god and goddess within and to be able to share that with another, this is one of the greatest gifts that make walking this earth in a physical body worthwhile."

-- Matt Schwent

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Sessions & Consultancy

Private Consultancy
A personal journey into freedom, empowerment and sexual liberation for those who are ready to take full responsibility for their journey of healing into wholeness and want change…
Dakini / Daka Education: 200 – 500 Hours
When sexual energy is free and directed consciously, there is no limit to our capacity for love and transcendence. Sessions of this nature provides the knowledge and physical…
Full Tantric Initiation: 5 – 15 Hours
The 5 hour session starts with a relaxed talk about your sexual history and present situation. Together we create the direction for the physical part of the session…
Workshops, Retreats, Festivals
Sacred Lovers Events: Workshops, Retreats, Festivals  We travel by invitation to work and play with individuals, couples or groups regardless of age, gender, ethnic origin, socio-economic status, religion…
Sexual Healing Session: 2 – 3 Hours
Introductory talk about your history, any issues you would like to address and the kind of session that may best serve your needs. Creating a safe and sacred…
Skype – Daka Sessions: 1- 2 Hours
This kind of sessions are a powerful initiation via online or private, to release shame guild and fear around intimacy. Clearing the energetic imprint of previous trauma and…
All sessions are private and confidential. They are always conducted in sacred space where you are treated with love and respect. There is nothing you have to do or are expected to do. Your session takes place in a container that is agreed upon at the beginning of your session to provide the most opportune environment to heal and/or discover yourself in the most innocent way.


private consultations
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unconditional love

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  • “I have had the fortune to have trained with Matt who is clearly walking his talk with the most clarity, love and integrity I ever have seen in the spiritual and tantra world. Today it is seems so rare to experience an authentic teacher who is so open, real and loving, teaching others how to become that also. My experience with Matt has been deep true and profound, learning to be clear and communicating my relations in many ways, my life has been decades of search for the true authentic ways of wisdom, love and deep relating, the later being my weakness. yet after attending my first awakening the sacred body retreat with him, I saw large areas in my life make good long term changes and I started to develop my own deep clear values of love and relating. I’m the type of person that jumps into things fully, without looking, this brought me much trouble, mistakes and regrets especially in the relationship battlefield. I have found Matt’s teaching has real and clear practical ways of merging spirituality and relationship / sexuality together. I am now teaching tantra and assisting in International tantra retreats around the world, and even on other retreats, Matt is known by other tantra teachers as perfected in what he teaches.”

    J. – New Zealand
  • “Thank you so much Matt for turning my life upside down! 😉  The universe showed me the way to you and this was the most wonderful path for me to find. I absolved the course “awakening the sacred body” and the “deepening” and these journeys make just sense. You finally find the way to yourself and this is, what i finally realized, the essence of life. This is what life is meant to be and life is meant to be fun and beauty and wonder. I found all of this with your guidance. and your guidance is with so much warmth and love and respect so that I felt trust in you and actually in me. And with this trust I was able to dig to the deepest core of my truth. And when you do that, thanks to the safe container that you create, you are liberated, I feel liberated. I never knew how good it is to be in my body, now I know. With a heart full of gratitude.”

    D.B. – Germany


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Sacred Lovers: Events
Posted By :Date :Matt | 12-08-2016

 Inspire love and connection The foundational teachings of our work is based on the Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin, where the main focus is to activate your hands, improve the quality of your touch, explore consensual touch, and learn how to separate doing from giving and discover deeper layers of receiving. With a lover, we want to surrender. We want to feel safe and trust, to be soft, open and vulnerable, and to let go of defenses and resistance. To bring integrity to relating as sacred lovers, it…


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Relationship – the need of wanting to be wanted

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Why people book Sessions:

• Illumination Process ( Clearing the blueprint of Trauma )
• Relationship counseling
• Inability to Selfpleasure and Orgasm
• Learning how to Give and Receive Pleasure
• Relief from Pelvic Tension
• Enhancing Sex Life for Couples
• Recovering Sexual Pleasure after Childbirth; Surgery; Trauma
• Accepting and Loving One's Body and Sexuality
• Premature Ejaculation
• Erectile Dysfunction
• Blue ball syndrome
• Porn and sexual addictions
• Anal release for Men and Women
• Trigger-point massage (extenal dearmouring)
• Internal/extenal Genital Dearmouring
• Psoas release
• Sensitive Massage to Arouse Sexual Energy
• Throat opening / Vagus Activation
• Referred by a Therapist, Healer, Bodyworker