Private Consultancy

A personal journey into freedom, empowerment and sexual liberation for those who are ready to take full responsibility for their journey of healing into wholeness and want change now! This is an opportunity for singles, couples, friends, families or small groups, regardless of sexual orientation, to fully engage in their sexual and spiritual evolution and transform their lives inside and out.

This journey may be embarked upon from the safety and comfort of your own home, holiday villa, retreat center, private yacht or as a sacred journey through a land you have always dreamed of visiting.

Pre-requisites; an open mind, a sense of humour, a sense of adventure, a deep longing to rediscover your authentic self, a willingness to be present, to fully participate in clearing your personal and emotional laundry and an absolute knowing that you are completely capable of doing so!

What is provided by Unique Tantra; absolute confidentiality, safe and sacred space, love and presence from me as professional sexual shamanic practitioners with years of experience working with the physical body, mind body, emotional body and spiritual or energetic body. The importance of working with the spiritual or energetic body is because this is where the history of all past trauma, programming and conditioning that consciously or unconsciously influences the way we walk in the world is stored as an energetic blue print in our luminous energy field.

What is provided by the recipient(s); all return travel expenses to any destination worldwide , meals, private accommodation and daily consultancy fees for minimum 3-day consultancy.

Possible side effects; mind, body and soul coming into alignment. Reconnection to physical body, emotional body and sexuality, clarity of mind and taking responsibility for the reality you are creating through what you are feeding your consciousness to. Feeling more joyful, vibrant, alive, passionate, sensitive, creative, empowered and connected to yourself, your peers and your environment. Experiencing what it is like to live a deep and meaningful life, to walk with ease and flow in a wonderful world of divine synchronicity.

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